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At TVIS, we lay due emphasis on different activities through active participation in various social, athletic and artistic clubs and societies.
We guide students to discover and create their own understanding. Besides academics, co scholastic activities form an integral part of the school curriculum. This aspect includes wide range of co-curricular activities & clubs and also participation in various inter and intra school competitions.


The students take keen interest in scientific activities and take the initiative to plan, organize and evaluate various science related events. These may include:

  • Science Exhibition
  • Projects
  • Olympiads
  • Robotics
  • Science quiz, etc.



The students take initiative in organizing and participating in technology related events e.g. I.T fairs, competitions etc. and takeskeen interest in computer related activities. Th following computer skills are explored :

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Website and Cover Page Designing
  • Animation
  • Coding & Programming
  • Microsoft Excel, etc.


The students actively participate in literary and creative skills at school. Classroom library is part of this club where students are issued fictional story books once every week and encouraged to discuss the stories, characters, enact and more among groups in regular school hours. Apart from this, students get a chance to learn and exhibit their potential through:

  • Writings,
  • Poster making
  • Theatre
  • Debates,
  • Discussions,
  • Spell bee competitions