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In an effort to expose children to as many areas as possible, TVIS offer a bouquet of performing arts in regular school hours where student can explore their creative talents and gain wider knowledge of these activities. Extremely talented gurus and teachers coach every one of these activities.


Dance period is one of the most looked for by the students of TVIS. From grade 1 onwards dance as a part of regular timetable is incorporated at least once a week. Our highly talented dance instructor has trained number of students from grade 1-10 who are capable of choreographing their own dance musicals now. Students are constantly exposed to various dance performances in and outside school through participation in school’s cultural events, rotary clubs and interschool dance competitions.


Classical music is one of the most sought after activity at TVIS. Students are exposed to our traditional music, musical instruments, raagas, taalams and more. They gain knowledge in various musical notes and the confidence to perform in front of audience. Students actively participate in school choirs, competitions, cultural performances outside school. Many students take up this activity to cheer up their mood and feel relaxed while learning various rhythms of music.


Yoga is a vital part of student’s life at TVIS. Apart from regular classes during school hours, 15 to 20 minutes before school closes, every student is instructed to perform simple yoga asanas to make them relax their mind and body before leaving for their home. From grade 1 onwards students are exposed to names and benefits of various yoga asanas .