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Principal’s Foreword

Having had the opportunity to work with a new school and to be part of building something exceptional from the scratch has been a dream for me. I am so proud of what we have begun here at The Vizag International School...and I look forward to continuing the phenomenal progress and accomplishment.

The speed at which knowledge is growing, it is likely to double every 35 days soon and so information based education is going to be soon out dated .Students will no longer to know 'what 'to read ,they will have to be taught 'how 'to read and so emphasis ,as we can already see ,will shift to a system which is enquiry based.

Such a system can be developed by keeping the goals in mind .the education is influenced by the economic factors ,the society , the polity , the global influences etc. So each country will have to develop their own education system which furthers their interest. As GB Shaw quotes:'What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge and not knowledge in pursuit of the child,' .It is important for the school to have an atmosphere that is all about learning and children like water just get drawn into the flow.

It is also crucial for teachers to know each child. As each child's learning styles are different and each has a different life of their own, which very deeply effects the child's learning at school. The best way to achieve this would be if the teacher takes some time out from time to time, out of their busy schedule and spends some time to understand the child's back ground. There are different patterns of learning in children some are intuitive , some thinkers , some learn by sensing and so on .

I always emphasize the importance and the power of teamwork. That is what distinguishes great schools --a strong sense of team and a focused commitment on success for all students. I am proud of the work we have done together in the past...and of the strong foundation we have created for our new school.


“ Future begins here!”


“We aim to empower students for world class success in the fast changing world.”


We strive to unlock the latent potential of every child through rigorous theoretical teachings followed by activities and practicals.”